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The Four Voices


In this original 2021 edition, Patrick Morley helps you identify the voices competing for control of your thought-life. With God’s help, you can finally set your heart and mind free.

Each chapter has questions for personal reflection and group discussion, making this perfect for small group studies or as gifts for both men and women.



Are you tired of feeling confused or overwhelmed by the voices that compete for control of your head and heart? If so, you’re not alone.

Not mastering the voices in your head will eat away at your self-worth, poison your relationships, stunt your growth as a person, and limit how far you go in life. You will often find yourself going to bed angry, waking in the middle of the night in a panic, getting up in the morning feeling exhausted, and then blindly repeating the cycle all over again.

But peace of mind doesn’t have to elude you.

In The Four Voices, you’re going to learn how to identify those voices and conquer the feelings that keep complicating your life and dragging you down. With God’s help, you can set your heart and mind free.


This book will help you turn down the volume on the wrong voices, and turn up the volume on the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. —Mark Batterson

If you’ve struggled to get a handle on what’s going on in your thought life, here’s your opportunity! —Gary Chapman, Ph.D

Such an important and timely book! What a relief to know that not everything that goes through my head is just “me”! —John Eldredge

Patrick Morley has done it again! The Four Voices will equip you to make sense of the voices in your head. —Dr. Tony Evans

In my opinion, this is Pat’s best book. It’s wise, it’s practical and it’s thoroughly biblical. —Steve Farrar

Pat teaches us how to discern the Holy Spirit’s voice from the three most destructive voices that threaten our joy and peace and keep us from the will of God in our lives. —Dave Ramsey

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