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The Man in the Mirror – 25th Anniversary

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The Man in the Mirror, called by some the best book for men ever written, is now revised and updated to inspire a new generation of men.

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For the Issues Men Face in the 21st Century 

The Man in the Mirror, called by some the best book for men ever written, is now revised and updated to inspire a new generation of men. With over three million copies in print, this best selling book has challenged and encouraged men worldwide and was selected as one of the 100 most influential Christian books of the twentieth century.

  • “Every man would be wise to have The Man in the Mirror.” Mark Batterson
  • “The Man in the Mirror is a must read for every man.” Craig Groeschel
  • “This book will change your life—it changed mine!” Joel Hunter
  • “A wonderful addition to any library.” Ben Carson Sr MD
  • “It was as though he had been reading my mail.” Michael Hyatt
  • “I highly recommend it.” Robert Lewis
  • “If you’ve never read it, now’s the time.” Dave Ramsey

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3 reviews for The Man in the Mirror – 25th Anniversary

  1. gogo66 (verified owner)

    Great book! Right on Target! I was one of the Dad’s who used to “rationalize” by saying “Quality” vs “Quantity” until I wised-up. The song, Cats in the Craddle likewise got my attention. Loved Patsy’s statement: “You leave my children alone! I’ll not have you ruining a Million-dollar child over a $300 table.” I, thankfully, was not concerned with the furnishings and did allow my kids to be kids, BUT I know several men who were/are perfectionists. Thanks for all the Wisdom, Pat! Can’t wait to share with the men in our Men’s Fraternity.

  2. Robert (verified owner)

    My very first teaching experience was leading a small group of men using this book 25 years ago when it first came out. I was 30 years old at the time and a young husband, father and business owner trying to figure out the work, marriage and parenting balancing act in light of scripture. It resonated with me personally and I was impressed by how well the group all responded & related to the discussions. Since then I’ve used it dozens of times with men from their teens to their 60’s and I’ve never yet met a man who does not connect with the practical discussions that flow from each chapter. For the past 5 years we’ve used MIM weekly in a men’s 6 month discipleship house for drug/alcohol addicts and it always generates great discussion and application. The men come from all sort of socio economic backgrounds and life experiences. It’s truly amazing how relevant the material is consistently to each man wherever they are in life. I’ve often wondered how Pat Morley wrote such an insightful book at such a young age. Of course the answer is that it was truly inspired by God and Pat’s own passion for understanding life and what God has called men to be in this life. Man in the mirror is a highly recommended resource for personal reflection or for leading men’s small groups.

  3. Nomon Kennedy

    We have used The Man in the Mirror Book in several men’s small group studies. It is a powerful book and lives have been changed. As a small group leader it not only effected positive change in the men attending it has changed me as well. This is a wonderful read and challenges every man that reads it. It was used in a jail ministry I had for a number of years and Now I have inmates that were released come up to me a big box stores and thank me for the lessons that were taught from it..
    Praise God for Pat Morley and his God given incite to write it. BUY IT!

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